About CMAF: Mission, Vision, and Values

The Compass Music and Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt non-profit corporation, working to promote the educational programs, exhibitions, concerts, and community events carried out at Compass Music and Arts Center. The Foundation is made up of an active Board of Directors working hand-in-hand with CMAC to enhance and inspire the lives of people of all ages through the arts.

Mission Vision & Values


We are dedicated to enriching life through a deeper experience of music and the literary, performing and visual arts.


·         To build a sustainable non-profit organization offering programs and facilities that impact the lives of people of all ages through the arts.
·         To provide activities and programs that are open to all with a passion and curiosity for learning, for sharing and exchanging ideas, and for the pure enjoyment of the arts.
·         To attract and nurture developing and accomplished musicians, artists and performers from Vermont and around the world to learn, experiment, perform and share their experiences, skills and talents.
·         To cultivate a growing awareness, understanding, love and passion for the arts in the community of Brandon and beyond.
·         To provide a stimulating and beautiful setting in the buildings and grounds of the Compass Music and Arts Center that creates an open, welcoming and enjoyable experience for participants, visitors and guests.


The Foundation supports the development of creativity and appreciation of all forms of artistic expression with opportunities for the following:

·         Exploring new ideas with other artists.
·         Quiet and practice spaces
·         Participation in exhibits
·         Educational, entertaining performances that enrich the lives of professionals, beginners and those who are seeking expanded understanding and enjoyment.

We provide a supportive and welcoming community for those participating in the arts and for everyone working for, with and through the Foundation.

Our doors are open to everyone, no matter where they are in their lives, levels of expertise or understanding.

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