Thursday, June 9, 2016

This Amazing Place, a reflection

Yesterday, while working on a grant for Compass, I reflected on Compass Foundation's past and present.  We really have come far....

Compass Music and Art Foundation (CMAF) benefits from the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the Sutton's, owners of the Compass Music and Art Center - who bring artists and musicians into the space and community. The Suttons have also made room for others with an entrepreneurial spirit - "makers," if you will. At one end of the building, there is a consignment shop, Treasure Chest, where people can find something needed and give it a new life; and at the other end, a farmer's market, featuring local eggs, meat, vegetables, and homemade goods, and the Heart and Soul Cafe, where Tiffiny makes creative sandwiches, smoothies, and treats for her building client base.

In between is the heart and soul of Compass Center - the arts, featured in intimate galleries and shops, with seasonal exhibits and events in the central space.

And then - there's us - the Foundation. Anyone who leases from Compass joins in the belief that arts education of our communities is essential. CMAF leads this endeavor, bringing our community and schools to classes and events just for them; but couldn't do it without the inventive and evolving ethos of this collection of creative and industrious individuals.

The Foundation is now at a crossroads.Going on our third year - it's time for us to reach out for more support, and make more people aware of what could happen at Compass Center in the future. With the demonstrated support we currently have - we took a risk and wrote a flurry of grants.  If we get them - you will hear a big hooray! In the meantime  - we hope you will find your way to get more involved with this amazing place. Join our organization, renew your membership, and PLEASE! Come to our Open House, June 23rd, from 2-8pm.  There will be free ice cream, artist demonstrations, and a story time for children. We want to see you - and celebrate the beginnings of summer in this magical place.

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